Backing up your Raspberry Pi node ID
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For this we shall be using Putty and Windows Powershell (Terminal in Linux/MacOS).

So open up Putty and SSH into your RPI using the following command:

Now to copy the keystore folder to your home directory.ย 

$ sudo cp -r /var/lib/mysterium-node/keystore /home/pi

Make sure that it is properly copied.

sudo ls -la /home/pi

Change the ownership of the folder and files.

$ sudo chown -R pi keystore

Now you will have a keystore folder on your home directory and you are finished with
Open up Windows Powershell.

> scp -r pi@rpi-ip-address:/home/pi/keystore .

Now in your Windows user folder you will find the keystore folder with a UTC* file, you have now backed up your Mysterium node ID.

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