Node service monitoring
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How we monitor your nodes

Mysterium network nodes are periodically monitored by our 4 monitoring platforms.

Create a account to get service health alerts, node reports and contribute to our network.

How the monitoring agent connects to your nodes

  • Every 24 hours we send 0.1GB of data to check your speed, latency and connection health.

  • Every 6 hours we attempt to connect to make sure your node is accessible.

How to trigger a connection check

To trigger a monitoring check manually, log in to your account, go to your node's dashboard where you will find a "Test node" button. Clicking the button below will force our monitoring agent to connect to your node. You may use this feature to check and verify your node's connectivity after configuration changes.

The monitoring agent should connect to your node within a few minutes of clicking the "Test node" button.

There are no strict limits for how many times you can perform this check (1 check per 10 minutes is allowed), however manually triggered connection checks do not perform data transfers.


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