Managing node service via MysteriumCLI
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Managing node service via CLI

To start WireGuard service we'd have to execute (note that WireGuard service is started automatically upon installation, therefore you don't need to start it manually):

service start wireguard

To stop WireGuard service:

service stop wireguard

To get ID and status of your currently active service:

service list

If you are seeing the similar output to the one below - your service is up and running!

[Running] ID: 7b4652a8-2021-4b9d-aeea-da7a60709678 ProviderID: 0x00f735d4ad380b56b92cd6c9f078763bbfeab3e8 Type: wireguard

To get a list of sessions:

service sessions

To get NAT Traversal status and NAT type:


To view your current node version and uptime execute:

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