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How to Install Mysterium Node Launcher on macOS

How to easily install a node on MacOS

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We’re on a mission to make running a Mysterium Node as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

For every Windows & macOS user out there, we have provided a simple and straightforward guide for installing the Mysterium Node Launcher on your device. This process requires no technical expertise and can be completed with just a few clicks!

To easily install the Mysterium Node Launcher on macOS, please follow these steps:

1. First, download the macOS installer by clicking the following link: Download. Once the download is finished, open the downloaded file.

2. In the opened window, you will see two items: a folder named “Applications” and the “Mysterium Node Launcher” application. Simply drag the “Mysterium Node Launcher” icon into the “Applications” folder.

3. Next, open the “Applications” folder on your device and launch the Mysterium Node Launcher. This will initiate the node installation process, which may take a few moments. You can track the progress within the app itself.

4. Once the installation is complete, open the NodeUI to begin Quick Onboarding. Click “Start” and follow the instructions given. Please make sure to write down the password or use it to change to a new password in settings page.

5. It may take a few minutes for your node to fully connect and appear on our network. If your node status or quality remains red after waiting for some time, please contact our Support team for assistance.

You can view your node information in the dashboard and NodeUI dashboard. We are now on our way to making running a Mysterium Node as effortless and enjoyable as possible!

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