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Reset Your Node UI Password - Linux, Raspberry Pi, & Docker

Do you need to reset your Node UI password? Read on for easy ways to do this in Linux, Raspberry Pi, or Docker.


To reset your Node UI password in Linux, run the following commands via terminal:

myst reset --tequilapi


myst reset

Raspberry Pi

If you are using Raspberry Pi, you will need to SSH into your RaspberryPi.

ssh myst@ip-of-your-raspberry

myst reset


If you are using Docker, you will need to open a terminal window and run:

docker exec -it myst /bin/sh

then run:

myst reset

Exit Node Launcher

For Windows (in explorer):

Navigate to %USERPROFILE%\.mysterium and delete file "nodeui-pass".

For Mac (in terminal):

cd ~/.mysterium
rm nodeui-pass

Set New Password

Once you've reset your password, open your Node UI in your browser. Note: you must be on the local network for the set-up screen to appear, this won't work through a reverse proxy.

When the set-up screen is visible, enter your new password. Now that you’ve reset your password, you can access your Node UI. Remember to always keep your passwords secure and private.

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