How to set up Mysterium on DAppNode
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DAppNode is a simple FOSS platform for deploying and hosting DApps, P2P clients and blockchain nodes. A censorship-resistant tool built to help bringing the decentralized world everyone wants for themselves, their friends and family. For the user, DAppNode takes the shape of a platform, hosted in a machine that this person owns, that allows them to deploy Decentralized Apps and Blockchain Nodes in their own machine and access them directly via a decentralized protocol without using any centralized gateways or gatekeepers.

You can either install the DAppNode software on your own compatible hardware or use the DAppNode box to get easy and unrestricted access to Web3 and P2P economies. There are dozens of different DApps available via the DAppStore (now including Mysterium!) so you can earn crypto by running your node and participating in the maintenance, validation, or resource sharing of these decentralized networks.

Setting up

  1. Find "Mysterium VPN Node" in your DAppStore. The package will be listed under “My Packages”.

2. Click on Mysterium Network and install the package:

3. From here, under the description section, please click on the Mysterium Node UI hyperlink to continue with the installation process:

4. The welcome screen will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions of the Mysterium Network.

Claim your node

Click “I agree - Open the application” and then enter API key when asked in Node UI. The API key will be different for each user, so you can “claim” your nodes. You can get your API key at

Mysterium NodeUI

Mysterium's built-in node UI also allows you to adjust your node's settings, manage services and payment details, view performance and real-time session metrics. Claim your Node here and track all stats regarding your nodes.

If you have any more questions and need help with this package, please get in touch with the MystNodes support team at [email protected].

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