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How to install and run a node on AVADO Box

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AVADO is your plug & play solution giving you access to the WEB3 by running a Blockchain Node. Until today it was mainly a tool for developers to access a blockchain or for users that value privacy and want to have control over who can track their transactions.

Your AVADO Box is top-notch hardware and has a powerful CPU, huge RAM, ample Disk space, Internet access, and more. All these features of your Box allow you to earn cryptocurrency. We call utilizing these features, "Smart Mining"!

You can rent out your processing power, or your storage, or even your bandwidth.

By selecting the Mysterium Network package from the AVADO DAppstore, you can rent out your bandwidth and earn up to 130 MYST every month. Mysterium Network has created a VPN for private internet access, and it is all peer to peer. Why use a VPN? Simply because information should be available to anyone and Firewalls, geo-blocks and censorship erode democracy and freedom of expression.

*"You help the internet to be great again and deserve the name World Wide Web."

By opening your AVADO Box as a secure VPN connection, people in certain countries that buy VPN services from Mysterium Network can gain access to Wikipedia, as an example.

You help the internet to be great again and deserve the name World Wide Web. Moreover, all you need is a stable connection and Mysterium Network’s easy to use app, so you can be in sleep mode while your AVADO works for you.

I want to earn crypto, what do I need to do?

First of all, you need an AVADO Box because we ensured that the Mysterium Network package runs frictionless on this hardware.

You can find the Mysterium Package in your AvadOS DAppstore.

Once done you see the package like this:

You can install the package. Once it is installed, go to my DApps and click on the package and it will take you to the welcome screen. The welcome screen will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions of the Mysterium Network.

Once you have done that you will be directed to the Mysterium onboarding screen (NodeUI) - > http://mysteriumnode.avadopackage.com:4449/#/login. The built-in Node UI allows you to adjust your node's settings, manage services and payment details, view performance and real-time session metrics.

Note! It's important to link the NodeUI dashboard to mystnodes.com by filling out the API key under Settings > MMN Integration. You can get your API key at https://mystnodes.com/me.

If you have any more questions on running the VPN or need help with this package, please get in touch with Mysterium Network support team at [email protected] or find us on Discord: https://discord.gg/uu8Z4BgrG4

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