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How can I maximise my earning potential?
How can I maximise my earning potential?
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There are several ways on how to improve your earnings:
1. By enabling or disabling additional services MystNode, you regulate your income. To do this, open the NodeUI Dashboard, enable or disable additional services. The more options are enabled — the higher your income. If you are concerned about clean traffic passing through your PC, we recommend enabling only the first 2 options B2B Data Scrapping and B2B VPN and data transfer.

2. The higher your internet speed and the more stable your internet, the faster traffic can pass through you, which means you can earn more.

3. Your geographical location affects your income. Because the network is decentralized, demand for the internet from different parts of the world can change at different times. It's impossible to predict which location is better, it depends on the needs of network users.

4. Internet channel load. If you are loading your internet channel, you are taking resources from the node. If someone connects to your node at the moment when you are downloading a torrent, their traffic will be weaker, which means you will get less reward.

5. Turn off VPN. If you use VPN, you cannot be a node, as you are using someone else's traffic. You are not providing services, but using them.

6. IP address. Owners of static IP addresses earn more than owners of dynamic IP addresses.

7. The number of nodes in the network and the demand for the MystNodes. Here you can also draw an analogy with mining: the more nodes (miners) — the higher the complexity and reliability of the network. The higher the network complexity — the lower the income, but also the higher the reliability and security of the network. The higher the reliability, the more often Mysterium is used, so you will be receiving more traffic and earning more.

8. Run your node 24/7; some user sessions can be very long and if you are disconnected from a client, they will be reconnected to a more competitive node, which means losing that client.

‍9. Double-check your configuration and ensure users can access your node. Your node service should be reported as online both in NodeUI and website.

Note that prices will be set based on a supply and demand algorithm for each region. The algorithm will assess the node type, which considers factors such as region, IP location (residential / non-residential), and quality.

Also note that Mysterium isn’t particularly demanding of your CPU, it cares more about bandwidth. If you’re not getting traffic, it could be because your node is poorly configured E.g. Your router is blocking Mysterium traffic, which you’ll need to correct by downloading the Mysterium VPN app and check the connection.

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