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Earn crypto passive income directly from your Kryptex account!

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Kryptex, in collaboration with Mysterium, has already prepared everything for your convenience.

  1. Install Kryptex on your PC.

  2. Switch on Mysterium in the Kryptex App (Switch “Network card — Mysterium” at the end of the list of mining devices in Kryptex PRO mode).

  3. Set a password for Mysterium.

    a. The password protects the web interface of the Mysterium node. The password must be reliable and should be different from your password on the mail and in Kryptex.

    b. You can reset password locally by deleting the file nodeui-pass from the %UserProfile%\.mysterium\ folder.

  4. Congratulations, you are now a node - an active participant in the Mysterium Network!

That’s it! You are now running a node and are a part of the vast Mysterium Network.

Nb: not all countries will have access to Mysterium mining as the update is rolled out. Please contact Kryptex team for more information.

Head to Kryptex Getting Started page to get all the information about mining MYST.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is MystNodes safe and private?

Absolutely. Node privacy is our priority. We only need the bare minimum information (your IP address) to get you online and earning. The network is secured by military-grade encryption and any traffic running through your device is encrypted. There is also no central database, so data cannot be physically collected or compromised.

Can my node be used for illegal activities? How are users protected?

MystNodes offers the option to only accept verified traffic from our B2B partners who we vet and work with contractually. These businesses must use our services in accordance with their local laws. While we cannot say it’s 100% safe, it is incredibly rare and if anything illegal were to happen, our partners are required to take full responsibility for their own activities.

You can choose to accept only verified B2B partner traffic, and switch off “Public” and “VPN” traffic if you live in jurisdictions that have stricter regulations around torrenting, such as Germany.

While we do as much as possible to protect nodes and prevent “bad” traffic, in reality most of the traffic is safe. The vast majority of traffic passing through exit nodes is legal and legitimate. Additionally, all connections are secured and any traffic running through your node is encrypted.

It’s also worth noting that our network is not designed to facilitate illegal activity, and the vast majority of users are law-abiding individuals who are simply seeking greater online access, privacy and security online. In fact, many journalists, activists, and researchers rely on such networks to protect their online communications and research from surveillance.

Certain locations and our recommendations

  • Don’t enable “Public” traffic if you’re based in the following countries: Canada, U.S., UK, Italy, Australia, Germany or India.

  • For those who have a greater technological understanding of how to run an exit node safely and protect the privacy of their node running activities from ISPs, you are welcome to accept all “public” and “VPN” traffic. Please read our guide on running an exit node.

  • In certain countries you should not encounter issues by running a node, as their laws are much more relaxed. If you accept “public” traffic, you increase your risk factor but with it, significantly increase your earning potential.

Please make sure you’re up to date with the regulations in your country.

How do I earn crypto?

The process of earning crypto by selling your internet connection is sometimes called bandwidth mining or crypto mining. You will accumulate MYST every time a business connects to your node. Your MYST earnings will be automatically converted into BTC and paid out by Kryptex.

Your earnings are measured by the amount of traffic (Gigabytes) that flows through your device. Your earnings are also impacted by the location of your IP address and how stable your connection is.

Some IPs are more in demand based on their region, however there is interest from VPN users (travelers, expats) and businesses for IP addresses from all over the world. It’s best to leave your node running 24/7, with a strong connection, to maximize your potential earnings.

Will running a MystNode affect my internet?

Running a node should have very little impact on your home internet. While you may notice from time to time that your internet is slower, it’s unlikely that any speed downgrade will be noticeable.

If it is, you can always check your dashboard to see if there are any active sessions that may be affecting your connection. The tradeoff in speed may be that you are currently earning crypto!

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