Service (Traffic) settings
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Your Node UI allows you to adjust service settings for your account and all of your VPN services.

Enable whitelist (B2B services)

By disabling Public service and Enabling the B2B VPN data transfer & B2B Data Scraping services option - it will prevent access to your node by everyone except our verified B2B partners.

Turn on/off node service

This option allows you to start or stop all your services at once. This is particularly helpful if you want to temporarily pause your account for maintenance, or simply need to take node services offline for an extended period of time.

Limit bandwidth

This option allows you to set a maximum bandwidth limit on your Node. This can be helpful if you need to ensure that only a certain amount of data can be transferred through your Node. The maximum limit will only apply when the traffic exceeds the set amount. Additionally, you can set a lower bandwidth limit if you are experiencing a sudden surge in data usage and need to limit it for a short period of time.


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