MYST to Fiat currency using Binance
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If you wish to exchange your MYST tokens for fiat currency, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Swap your desired amount of MYST tokens to MATIC or USDT on the Polygon network (e.g. Metamask). Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of MATIC in your crypto wallet to cover gas fees and ensure a smooth transaction.

2. Send your recently swapped MATIC or USDT tokens to the designated deposit wallet address provided by Binance cryptocurrency exchange. When making the deposit, please make sure to choose MATIC Polygon instead of Ethereum or any other chain on the Binance platform to avoid any potential loss of your assets.

3. Wait for your deposit to arrive in your Binance Fiat Spot wallet. Once it has been received, select the MATIC or USDT token and click the "Convert" button to convert it to your desired Fiat currency (Euro, $USD, etc.).

4. Next, go back to your Binance Fiat Spot wallet and choose your converted Fiat currency from the Fiat Balance section. Finally, click on the "Withdraw" button.

5. Select the amount you would like to withdraw from your available balance. We suggest choosing either "Bank Transfer (SEPA)" or "Open Banking (SEPA)." Click Continue.

Please make sure to add your bank account information before proceeding.

Note! Typically, SEPA transactions are processed within 1 hour, but in certain cases, it may take 1-3 business days. The default transaction fee is 1 Euro.

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