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How Does the Friend Referral System Work?
How Does the Friend Referral System Work?
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The MystNodes referral system allows you to earn by referring your friends to

How do I refer friends?

You can find your unique referral link in your MystNodes dashboard. Once your friend signs up using this link, they just need to run their node and earn a certain amount of MYST tokens for you to receive a bonus.

How much are the rewards?

When your referred friend signs up and earns 5 MYST, they will receive a bonus of 5 MYST. You will also receive 5 MYST as a reward for each friend who meets this earning threshold.

How soon will my friend earn 5 MYST?

It depends on your friend's location. In some regions like the UK, the average time to earn 5 MYST is only a few days. In other regions, it can take a few weeks.

How do I receive my earnings?

You must add your MYST-compatible crypto wallet address to your account to be eligible for the rewards.

Are there any rules for the rewards?

  1. The reward will be given out once per successful referral. It doesn’t matter how many nodes your referred friend is running, you will be rewarded for the first node that reaches the earning threshold.

  2. Your referred friend must be a new user

  3. They must also have claimed their node on

  4. Their IP address must be residential - no datacenter IPs will be rewarded

  5. Your friend must reach the earning threshold.

When will I receive the rewards?

If all these conditions are met – you will get the reward within 30 days!

If any of these conditions are not met or the program is abused, gamed, or violated in any way, the reward is deemed void, and you will not receive it.

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