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Node Statuses explained
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You might notice something called “Node Status” in your MystNodes and NodeUI dashboards.

There are, in total, four node statuses that you can have. These statuses are Online, Offline, Monitoring failed, and Pending.

Online status means everything is in order with your node and fully functional. There’s no need to do anything if you see this status. Enjoy the node running!

Offline status means that your node is offline for some reason. It could be due to connection issues, lack of node identity, or because the node is simply not running on your device. Check out the troubleshooting steps in this article to resolve this issue.

Monitoring failed status indicates that there are network connection issues related to your node. The causes of this issue could be related to your NAT status, DNS or Firewall configuration issues, or due to low-quality rate. Please refer to this article for possible solutions to this issue.

Pending status indicates that the node is fresh and has not yet gone through monitoring procedures. This status does not necessarily indicate anything negative – you just need to wait for a bit (it could take up to 20 minutes; patience is key!) for the monitoring to happen and, eventually, the status should update. If it doesn’t, please get in touch with the Support team for further assistance.

Unknown status indicates that we were unable to obtain information about the monitoring status. It is likely due to some internal problems on our end.

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