Getting Started MystNodes App on Android
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You can start sharing your spare internet bandwidth directly from your Android device!

This guide will walk you through the onboarding process, start and set up your node service, and link it to your account.

If .apk download failed to start automatically, please follow this download link to initiate it.

1. Installing

Enable 3rd party APK installations on your Android device

By default, Android disables APK installations for security reasons. To download the APK file of the Mystnodes Android app, you will have to enable APK installations on your device. Follow the instructions specific to your device version and phone brand below.

Android 8 or above

Samsung devices

  1. On your device, tap Settings > Apps.

  2. At the top-right, tap

  3. Tap Special access > Install unknown apps.

  4. Tap the browser from where you will download the APK, such as Chrome.

  5. If prompted, toggle Allow from this source on.

Non-Samsung devices

  1. On your device, go to Settings.

  2. Tap Apps & notifications > Advanced.

  3. Tap Special app access.

  4. Tap Install unknown apps.

  5. Tap the browser from where you will download the APK, such as Chrome.

  6. If prompted, toggle Allow from this source on.

Android 7 or below

  1. On your device, tap Settings.

  2. Tap Security.

  3. Under Device administration, toggle Unknown sources on.

From there, it works like any other app. You’ll find it in your app drawer, where you can open it and use it as you normally would.

2. Mobile Data Settings

Prior to onboarding, you can choose to use mobile data and set up a usage limit. The stats of mobile data usage are reset on the first day of each month. The usage limit can be changed later on.

3. Setting Your Node

  • On the next screen, please read the Terms and Conditions and mark the checkbox if you agree with them;

  • Afterward, press the “Start Node Setup” button;

  • On the following screen, you can choose between an easy setup and a manual one.
    We recommend using the first option since it is the quickest and easiest way to start

Follow these steps for easy setup:

  • Press the “Start” button to begin;

  • On the following screen, please input your wallet address and press the “Onboard” button;
    Before proceeding, make sure to double-check if the wallet address you provided is indeed correct

  • After a few moments, a screen with your automatically generated password will appear.
    Please write the password down as due to the specifics of the blockchain, password recovery is not possible.

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions and press the “Agree” button.

Follow these steps for manual setup:

  • Scroll slightly down until you see password input boxes;

  • Input a password of your choice;

  • Then, insert your Mystnodes API key that you can find on your profile;

  • Press the “Set password” button to continue.

  • On the next screen, please pick a payment method that you wish to use to register your node on the Polygon blockchain;
    The registration cost is 1 USD. Depending on the congestion of the Polygon blockchain, the payment may take a few moments to complete.

  • Once the payment is complete, please enter your ERC-20 Polygon-compatible wallet address. The earnings will be deposited into this wallet after you accumulate at least 5 MYST.

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions and press the “Agree” button.

That's it! You've successfully set up and started using Mystnodes App on your Android device. On the main app screen, you can see your earnings, access the NodeUI dashboard, and change various settings.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to our Support team or visit our help center.

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